Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET)

Assistance and funding for training and skills development Through the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) program, CAP provides assistance and funding for training and skills development to Aboriginal Peoples living off-reserve. Funded through Employment and Social Development Canada, the program is designed to help Aboriginal Peoples prepare for and find high-demand jobs that will help address Canada’s labour market challenges and provide Aboriginal Peoples the opportunity to gain the skills required to find employment and fill job gaps in sectors experiencing skills and labour shortages. The ISET program is targeted to Aboriginal Peoples living in urban, rural and remote areas throughout Canada. Those eligible to apply include Aboriginal youth, women, single parents, mature workers, persons with disabilities and those experiencing career change or transition. CAP provides our clients with employment counselling, skills training, wage subsidies, and self-employment assistance. Individual Client Funding CAP's ISET program has funding available to sponsor off-reserve Indigenous students currently enrolled in or starting skills training programs. This can be used toward tuition, textbooks, supplies and materials costs for student in certificate programs, diploma programs (up to 2 years), or in their final year of an undergraduate degree program. CAP can also provide a living allowance (based on financial need) to the student. We can sponsor Indigenous students who are: • Non-status • Status who are living off-reserve and not able to apply to their band for funding • Métis (including those who are unable to apply to Western Métis provincial organizations for funding) • Inuk (Southern Inuit) To apply for skills and employment training funding, complete the client application. For more information, please contact Matthew Gallina, ISET Program National Training Coordinator at or 1 (613) 747-6022 ext. 225. Call For Skills Training Proposals 2022-2023 CAP is seeking skills training project proposals that provide the opportunity for off-reserve Indigenous Peoples to gain skills required to find employment. Projects can begin activity as of April 2022. CAP’s ISET program targets Non-status and status Indians living in urban, rural and remote areas (off-reserve), Métis, and southern Inuit Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Through the Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC) - Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) program, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples provides assistance and funding to support projects for training and skills development for Indigenous Peoples living off-reserve. Priority will be given to projects that:
  • Provide skills training that results in provincially-accredited or industry-recognized certification
  • Provide skills training that leads to employment for participants
  • Target Non-status Indians, Métis, and Southern Inuit
  • Include a focus on priority vulnerable groups (i.e. single parents, youth at risk, clients with multiple barriers, etc.)
  • Address identified or forecasted labour market shortages
  • Include partnerships and/or in-kind contributions
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